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Crossing The Bridge
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Beaufort County Reentry

 Justice Reinvestment Group of NC



To facilitate an effective whole system approach to aid in the transition back into society for people leaving prison, jail, or any other form of incarceration.  By providing:




  1. Wrap-around services through the coordination of existing local and statewide resources 
  2. Addressing gaps in resources and policy, 
  3. Advocating to remove stigmas and reduce the barriers to successful reentry.
  4. Utilizing NC Certified peer supports to support, coach, and encourage returning citizens




The vision is to create an improved quality of life in the region, stronger families and communities, increased public safety, and reduced costs to taxpayers.




President and Founder:  Barbara D. Gaskins MS BS CAMC-I CDVF MRT QSAP QMHP CSOTP

Justice Reinvestment Group of NC


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